Sarah Conley Odenkirk

For most people, reading a contract conjures up feelings of dread rather than elation—perhaps even more so for artists. And who can blame them? Nevertheless, if you are going to succeed as a creative person in a business world, you must come to terms with the need to balance your aesthetic sense with business savvy.


The Law Offices of Sarah Conley Odenkirk

This Public Art in Private Development Resource Guide contains information from many communities around the United States. It includes as many communities across the country as we could find that have an ordinance or policy that relates to public art for private development. In this resource, you can find:

  • A Spreadsheet showing each City alphabetically by State, with the essential information about its Public Art in Private Development policy, ordinance, or other relevant program; and
  • Easy-to-use executive summaries organized by State. All underlying documentation is provided along with the summaries so that you can dig as deep as you want.

Judith B Prowda

This essential handbook offers art professionals and collectors an accessible legal analysis of important principles in art law, as well as a practical guide to legal rights when creating, buying, selling and collecting art in a global market. Although the book is international in scope, there is a particular focus on the US as a major art centre and the site of countless key international court cases. This authoritative but accessible and wide-ranging volume is essential reading for arts advisors, collectors, dealers, auction houses, museums, investors, artists, attorneys and students of art and law.


Christopher S. Reed

Copyright Workflow for Photographers: Protecting, Managing & Sharing Digital Images will help photographers build best practices for copyright registration and management into their existing image processing workflows using the popular Adobe® Creative Cloud™ software suite. Part legal manual, part software manual, the book will go beyond existing offerings in the “copyright for photographers” space by providing step-by-step guidance on protecting, managing, and enforcing intellectual property rights in their images using specific software tools.